Who is Blue Towers Family Group?

We’re Advocates

When unexpected hardship arises, many homeowners don’t know where to turn. It can be a hopeless and helpless feeling. We pride ourselves on being a trusted source of information to owners facing anything from foreclosure, tax liens, HOA liens and any other hardship that is threatening your real estate.

We’re Educators

Knowledge is power. We believe the key to being a good homeowner is to be an educated one. We listen to homeowners everyday on our free, no-obligation consultations, and educate about all of the best options at their disposal if their losing a property.

We’re Family

As a family who has gone through the trials and trauma of foreclosure first-hand, we know how stressful losing a home can be and we’re dedicated to making sure that homeowners know all of their rights and options.

We’re Investors

Making cash offers and buying homes is a small yet impactful part of what we do. We truly enjoy every part of what we do to leave our clients satisfied and educated. If you’re curious about a cash offer on your home, or need some advice on a tough situation with your property, contact us today!